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Ep. 10: The insurance conundrum

It goes without saying that insurance is a beast, whether it’s health, property, or auto. In this week’s episode, we take a stab at answering a bunch of insurance-related questions floating on the web. Read More
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Ep. 9: The credibility of Lady Justice

Well, we started with one question, which led to another: Does James Comey’s termination from the FBI threaten the credibility of the Department of Justice and the broader legal system? Jay and Matt discuss. Read More
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Ep. 7: Crunching the numbers: Damages and awards

Ten million. Twenty million. Fifty million. Ever wonder how attorneys come up with those kinds of numbers? It’s not arbitrary. The settlements and verdicts may look gaudy but there are several reasons why.   Read More
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Ep. 4: Choosing a lawyer that’s right for you

Sometimes, “the best” lawyer isn’t necessarily the right lawyer. Jay and Matt take a look at attorney advertising and why there’s more to a client-attorney relationship than just the legal stuff.   Read More

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