The Layman and the Expert

One sunny day in our downtown office, Jay approached me with an idea: “Hey,” he began, “what do you think about starting a podcast?”

Jay and I began working with each other two years ago. He is a lawyer, I am not. He can tell you about liens, subpoenas, depositions, I cannot. He knows the difference between uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, I do not. But I do know that during many lawsuit-related occasions, I had questions. Lots of people we work with on a daily basis, including our clients, have them as well.

That’s when we decided it might be fun to tackle some of the biggest questions, issues, and misconceptions of the profession by pairing me (the laymen) with Jay (the expert). I ask the questions, he provides the answers. By doing that, we hope to bridge the gap between complex legalese and practical know-how.

We hope you’ll subscribe and tune in. Most importantly, we hope you get something out of it.